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Green Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom

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Effects of the green Vietnam kratom commonly formulated in powdered form and is known to elicit the following effects: Pain Relief a effective natural remedy for pain control, Stimulation as it is revered for its ability to boost energy levels and combat fatigue and Relaxation from chronic stress and depression.


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Vietnam Kratom grows in a few areas of the country, particularly in the areas surrounding the Mekong River where the plant benefits immensely from upstream minerals. Like in Thailand and Malaysia, Kratom use is controlled in Vietnam where it is mostly considered a traditional medicine for pain relief, relaxation, and stimulation.


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  1. This was great for my chronic pain – almost as good as the Green Hulu. This strain really calmed my mind and helped me to focus and to be more present. It didn’t make me sleepy, just brought my reaction to all my worries down from the rafters where I could more calmly and rationally deal with them. It’s a stellar strain and I think everyone would benefit from having this on hand – there will always be a use for it. Bonus? It makes a tasty tea!

  2. Very fast delivery.

    300 Grams Powder x1

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