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Kratom Lab Test

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Why Lab Test?

When you are considering botanicals and other medicinal plants as part of your health plan, it is important to know what exactly is in your products this can vary tremendously based on environmental factors such as soil conditions, amount of sunlight, frequency of available water, natural fertilization, pollution levels, and even what is living within the plant.  Any human contact and interaction with the plant will also impact the plant.

Additional factors important to consider: are how to harvest, process, where to store, and how long it sits on shelves. These factors can impact how the plant develops, matures, reproduces, and what happens at the molecular level to the bioactive alkaloids.


  • No two tests should be identical. Do NOT just look at the lot/batch/harvest number and the mitragynine percentage results. These numbers and percentages are easy to change with counterfeits.  Look at the graph itself and the details of the results.  All of it must be different for each test. Even testing from the same exact batch will have some visible differences.
  • What is the size of the batch/harvest being tested? If a vendor is applying a single test result to a hundred kilos of kratom or more, that is a problem.
  • How many samples are taken from the batch/harvest to test? For the results to be validated, multiple tests should be done for this same batch.
  • When are the test samples collected and sent to the lab? Some suppliers will do testing on their botanicals before they ship to a vendor. Although this is good, there are contamination problems and other issues that can occur after a supplier performs its testing.  The handling of a botanical from storage to shipment to repackaging can create multiple contamination issues.  The testing must be done at the end of the transportation process, once the botanicals have arrived at their final destination.
  • Does the particular lab have experience with, and can this lab identify the botanical and its molecular composition?  Make sure to ask if the lab has a stable sample for reference.
  • Is the lab using quality testing machines? Are they using a Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) machine?


Not All Lab Procedures Are Created Equally

At Stardust, We partner with 3rd-party, independent laboratories to provide confidence and transparency in your botanical analysis.

Our partner labs specialize in botanicals like kratom and help us to identify adulterants and heavy metals (lead) to ensure the safety of your botanicals.  These labs utilize High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to analyze our botanicals.

We individually label each bag we sell with the results of that bag’s lab tests.  You can also find online the test results from our independent, 3rd-party lab partners.  Stardust believes in being open and transparent when it comes to doing business and engaging with its customers.  We understand that there are many concerns when it comes to using botanicals and we will do our part to be transparent about the research and testing we do.





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