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70X Kratom Extract
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70X Kratom Extract

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Our kratom 70X is one of the most potent crystal extracts we carry, with effects on the user that may even lead to elevated feelings of happiness and euphoria. Have a look at some of the potentially long-lasting effects of 70X Kratom below:

  • Potent
  • Highly effective
  • Long-Lasting
  • Relief
  • Promote rest
  • Clarity
  • Calm
  • Mood and positivity
  • Energy (depending on dosing)




kratom users who are ready to take their experience up a notch, Stardust has prepared this all-natural, full-spectrum 70x kratom extract powder for our collection of the best kratom extracts. Produced by concentrating 70 units of fresh kratom leaf material down into 1 unit of premium extract, our pure kratom extract adds a powerful aromatic kick to other strains to help you get the most out of your kratom experience.

Our kratom 70X is our most potent line of crystal extracts we carry, with effects on the user that may even lead to elevated feelings of happiness and euphoria. Our extraction factor depends on the ratio between ground-up leaf with a 7:1 ratio; typical powder we carry are 2:1;  Our 70X can promote feelings of bliss and clarity, this line is great for seasoned users looking to experiment with extracts.



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  1. Dope stuff this blend is awesome and thanks for the 10% off promo code

  2. If your looking for a heavy hitting extract this is the one. Great customer service from these guys always going above and beyond.

  3. At first, I wasn’t too thrilled about this Kratom extract. I took a gram and didn’t feel the benefits I thought I would from a full spectrum Kratom.. I didn’t want to take more than a gram of this alone… I remembered asking customer service if I HAVE to take other Kratom with it and they told me no, that I didn’t HAVE to. (I’m sure it’s different for every person so maybe I was one that should) Because I had a good amount left, I decided to take 2.5 grams of the Super Green stardust Kratom and a half a gram of this (70X extract.) It definitely was the way to go. The 70X Kratom seemed to give the super Green a mega boost and I enjoyed all the benefits they both have to offer. Dosing can be a hard thing to get down, especially when trying out the many different yet great kinds of Kratom, this company has to offer. I would and have recommended this Kratom to others searching to go up a notch and get that boost I was talking about.

    Also, I didn’t think it would be this way but, less is more for me when it comes to extracts with regular Kratom. I did try taking 3.5 grams ofyhe super Green and one gram of this 70X and I felt all my pain go away in my body but I also got extremely sleepy to the point where I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. So I take that kind of dose if i have trouble sleeping. Otherwise, I stick to taking less. If it doesn’t work out for you the first time, try changing up the dosages you take. If I didn’t, I would have let all of this great stuff go to waste!

  4. The 70x kicks! I have been using kratom for 7+ years and this works! Kinda crunchy out of the cap…(I mix it with my regular) but it goes down easy, a pleasant taste compared to some extracts no dirty after taste.

  5. Very well worth the money.

    Powder (20 Grams) x1
  6. The product is firmly packed.

    60 Capsules (30 Grams) x1
  7. Good quality.

    60 Capsules (30 Grams) x1
  8. Very fast delivery.

    Powder (20 Grams) x1

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