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Green Crystal Kratom Extract
  • green crystal kratom
  • green crystal kratom

Green Crystal Kratom Extract

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Our Green Crystal Kratom Extract is extracted from our finest green kratom, Green Crystal Kratom is certainly a fan favorite due to its lasting effects promoting feelings of:

  • Happiness
  • Mental clarity
  • Aid with pain
  • Motivation
  • Relaxation
  • energy (depending on dosing)



Complete the Feels!

Extracted from our finest green Kratom, we’re here with our Green Crystal Kratom Extract, labeled the head of the Crystal kratom family, this strain has gained notoriety, promoting feelings of happiness, clarity, and motivation.

This strain is one of the most loved kratom products available. Consumers and seasoned kratom users say it does all of the following:

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Provides Focus
  • Boosts Energy




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100% Vegetarian

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  1. Great day time extract!

  2. Got the powder, sutff is something special!

  3. I absolutely love this!

  4. Good service.

    60 Capsules (30 Grams) x1
  5. Very fast delivery.

    20 Capsules (10 Grams) x1
  6. Very well worth the money.

    20 Capsules (10 Grams) x1
  7. The product is firmly packed.

    Powder (30 Grams) x1
  8. Very fast delivery.

    Powder (30 Grams) x1

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