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Stardust Kratom is a USA-based company based in New York, NY. Commonly known for its Crystal Kratom™, Stardust specializes in the production and distribution of premium Kratom powders, extracts, isolates, and more. We abide by the simple statement which is that mother nature provides all we need to think to think clearly and live bright.

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Kratom Extracts

Kratom Extracts can result in being 25-70X more potent than traditional Kratom powder.

Crystal Kratom

The house of Crystal Kratom Powder and Extract! Offering a wide range of extracts derived from our premium selection of Kratom Powder.

Green Kratom

Green Kratom Powder has gained popularity due to its strong effects on the user which can result in focus, energy, and relief.

White Kratom

White Vein Kratom is known for its energy-enhancing and analgesic properties.

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    white diamond Crystal kratom Extract

    White Diamond Kratom Extract

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    Introducing Stardust White Diamond Kratom Extract, featured in our collection of exclusive in-house-extracts. The extract contains a higher concentration of alkaloids due to the age of the leaves prior to extraction. Extracted from our finest White Kratom with higher levels of 7-Hydroxymitragynine, this extract certainly packs an extra punch. Users of the White Vein Kratom say they experience more concentration, motivation, and endurance. It can counteract feelings of fatigue and drowsiness without fear or restlessness playing a role. Extracted from our finest White Kratom with higher levels of 7-Hydroxymitragynine, this extract certainly packs an extra punch.
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    Rainbow Crystal Kratom Extract

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    Our Rainbow blend consists of blending our crystal family into one master strain, we ration evenly our White Diamond Crystal Extract, Green Crystal Extract, Red Crystal Extract, 24ct Gold Crystal Extract, and Black Diamond Crystal Extract packing in your favorite feels and properties from each strain, this blend will be an instant favorite!
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    moonrock kratom

    Crystal Moonrock Kratom Extract

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    Introducing Stardust Moonrock Kratom Extract; Each gram contains approximately 60mg of Mitrygine, with a high concentration of alkaloids, this extract is sure to take you to space! Blended with our finest kratom powder and White Diamond Crystal Extract, and Black Diamond Crystal Extract . This blend will be an instant favorite!
    • Euphoria
    • Mental clarity
    • Relaxation
    • Relief
    • Motivation
    • Increased energy (depending on dosing)
  • Super White Kratom

    Super White Kratom

    Super white, a strain of clarity, a “moderate” strain that comes from the Indonesian island of Borneo; popular for its dramatic mood-lifting effects, endurance, and gut-busting increase in productivity.
  • white maeng da kratom

    White Maeng Da Kratom

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    As a high potency strain, Maeng Da delivers a glamorous punch. Relaxation without the sedative effects. Experience slight euphoria, stimulation, and stress relief. Maeng Da blends promote pain relief and energy into one. Maeng Da gives a very stable and consistent growth during its farming and after the Kratom has been harvested it is fairly consistent in both taste and aroma. It is a very delicate kind of Kratom. Strong long-lasting euphoric stimulating boost without the jitters and great for relaxation as well. The name ‘Maeng Da’ originates from Thailand and loosely translates or refers to ‘pimped’ or ‘pinded’. Pimped as in the more stronger one, but also because the Maeng Da leaves where identified and separated by the leaves that had pins on the edges. Where as the most common kratom leaves have rounded edge. The ‘pinded’ leaf is also known as Horn or Horned leaves. Nowadays the most Maeng Da strains come from Indonesia and refer to the more stronger/potent strain or the horned leaf. Maeng Da is one of the most popular Kratom strains you can find on the market. And often advertised as the kratom with a higher alkaloid-content.
  • White Elephant Kratom

    White JongKong Kratom

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    White Jong Kong Kratom produces with fermentation utilizing a special technique and the result of this strain gives effect energetic and happy mood lift. The level of pain relief was far greater than expected.

Red Kratom

Red Kratom is known for its pain-relieving properties, and research illustrates that the users choose Red Kratom due to the elevating feelings of bliss, relief, and relaxation.

Gold & Yellow Kratom

Gold and Yellow Kratom Powder is often compared to a hybrid of green and red kratom and users of this color often seek relaxation, and tranquility, a Yellow or Gold vein kratom is a great place to start.

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About Stardust Kratom

We recognize our responsibility to our customers and the Kratom industry. We are proud donators to the AKA in their efforts to keep Kratom legal.  Most of our products are KCPA compliant and do our best to abide by quality control standards. We include free samples with all orders and stand behind our products by offering free returns and exchanges on all products!



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The house of Crystal Kratom

Stardust Kratom is proud to offer extracts from both our in-house production team and trusted suppliers and as long-term kratom advocates, we stand behind all of our products and back them up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our Kratom extracts today!


what is kratom?

What is Kratom?

 Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa,  is a tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia and is a member of the Rubiaceae family plant, other members being coffee and gardenia, Kratom has been used for centuries in cosmetic and holistic medicine.


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