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White Hulu Kratom
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White Hulu Kratom

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White Hulu Kapuas is native to the Hulu forest which is located near the island of Borneo in Indonesia.

The Hulu strain has a lifespan between 1 and 5 years, and our farmers are careful to allow for optimal maturation. This is another factor that puts Green Hulu Kapuas in short supply.


Complete the Feels!

White Hulu Kratom is a rare strain that originates from the Hulu forest in Borneo, Indonesia. It is known for its unique blend of energizing and euphoric effects, making it a popular choice among kratom enthusiasts.

The leaves of the White Hulu Kratom tree are harvested and dried using a specialized process that helps to preserve the alkaloid content. This process helps to enhance the potency of the strain, resulting in a more powerful and effective product.

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  1. New morning ritual!! Thanks!!!

  2. New morning ritual!

  3. I love this strain! I haven’t felt like my old self in so long due to health issues – brain fog, mental fatigue, lack of creativity, inability to concentrate. Chronic pain and fatigue disorders make you a prisoner in your own body (and mind). You’re “in there”, but you’re so far removed from the world and everyone and every thing in it. It’s horrible. This strain, though, let me tell you – my brain fog was very nearly gone. For the first time in so many years, I felt present. I felt like I could think straight again. I could focus for longer than a minute or two. My creativity awoke with a vengeance and I was drawing, designing, sewing, writing, and willfully THINKING again. It did not make me jittery or antsy. I didn’t feel like a truck had run over me. I found that, yes, I COULD do the dishes AND prep dinner for later without exhausting myself. I even had enough energy left over to love on my dogs and cats. I felt like a human being who might, just might, be able to be a part of the functioning world again, if I paced myself just right. I found that this strain blends so well with coffee – I couldn’t taste it at all, and it also makes the most delicious mild tea. I cannot recommend this strain enough!

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