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Red Crystal Kratom Extract

Red Crystal Kratom Extract

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Stardust Red Kratom Extract is blended from our finest red Kratom powder, properties of which compliment the perfect balance of alkaloids derived from red strains which result in longer-lasting and enhanced effects.

  • Calmness
  • Relief from pain
  • Bliss
  • Relaxation
  • Performance
  • Tranquil
  • Relaxation
  • Improve Performance




Introducing Stardust Red 50X  Crystal Kratom Extract, featured in our collection of exclusive in-house extracts and specialty blends. Red Kratom contains a concentration of alkaloids due to the age of the leaves prior to extraction. Once extracted this extract can result in promoting relief, relaxation, and euphoria.







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  1. Got something similar in stores, with stardust’s retail line- been using it ever since!! Awesome before bed. RIP neck pain! I will definitely order this again.
    red crystal kratom

  2. I just purchased the Extract pack and the Red really stood out as the flavor that calmed my anxiety the most. Very effective.

  3. I have been really happy with the effectiveness of this extract. This is after a couple weeks use.

  4. Super Stoked on this extract! This is the first company I have found that extracts each specific vein of kratom. All other companies I have bought from previously were usually a blend of some kind. I usually take kratom before and after going to the gym. This red vein extract has been super nice to have for a post workout aid. Muscle soreness completely gone. I am a pretty experienced kratom user and I take about 8-10 grams of this post workout whereas some of my friends can be good with just 2 grams. So I would recommend starting with a lower amount if you are new
    When I first ordered I wasn’t quite sure how to Venmo stardust and I had sent an email asking how to do so. Within about 2 days they had gotten back to me during a holiday week with how to instructions. They were super friendly in the email and very helpful. When my package arrived they had even given me a couple extracts on the house. Couldn’t be more happy. I have tried 4 other kratom companies and this company is by far my favorite. Great communication, product and overall experience.

  5. Was really blown away by this stuff and these guys, can’t thank you enough.

  6. Good service.

    20 Capsules (10 Grams) x1
  7. Good quality.

    40 Capsules (20 Grams) x1
  8. The product is firmly packed.

    40 Capsules (20 Grams) x1
  9. Very well worth the money.

    40 Capsules (20 Grams) x1
  10. This is soooo Nice. Calming & Tranquil. Gave to my Buddy going thru Benzo withdrawals and this was the very medicine we NEEDED!! Incredible Aroma!

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