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MIT51 + MIT46 Bundle
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MIT51 + MIT46 Bundle

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Introducing the MIT Variety Pack! This powerful bundle contains 2GM of full-spectrum kratom extract:

  • 1GM  MIT51 (53% salt-base Full-spectrum kratom extract)
  • 1GM of MIT46 (46% free-base Full-spectrum kratom extract)

Dosage Information:

  • Serving size: 0.15/.25g
  • Servings Per Container: approx 10/15;

Additional Information:

  • Contains 1g of approx 53% Mitrygine Speciosa Extract;
  • Contains 1g of approx 46% Mitrygine Speciosa Extract;

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Introducing our first-ever MIT Bundle! This product contains 2GM of full-spectrum kratom extract.

1GM of MIT51, which is approx 53% mitragynine, and 1GM of MIT46, which is approx 46% mitragynine. Both of these products are full-spectrum Kratom extracts and combined, they equal almost 100gm of raw powder.

⚠️Warning: This is an extremely concentrated kratom extract that may contain between 400-550mg of mitragynine. As little as 0.1g may be roughly equivalent to 5 grams of raw kratom powder; It is essential that you exercise extreme caution when handling and have adequate protective/measurement supplies and equipment when researching.


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