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Kratom Extract Caramel Chews (5ct)
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Kratom Extract Caramel Chews (5ct)

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What’s included?

5 pack of Kratom Extract Carmel Chews. With approximately 20mg of Mitragynine per chew, it is just enough for a very laid-back and mellow experience anyone can enjoy. These are some of the best tasting and most effective edibles out on the market so whether you’re a long-time kratom user or just starting out, These Kratom Extract Infused Caramels are a must-try.

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Kratom Extract Caramel Chews:

The newest go-to for an anytime, anywhere energizer.

If you’re looking for something that’s both creative and convenient, these Kratom sweets are for you. Take one with you on your travels, and enjoy the invigorating and refreshing benefits in no time.

Isn’t it time to switch up the Kratom flavor a bit? Stardust has the tastiest caramel chews. Moreover, they’re both enticing and powerful!

Full-spectrum kratom extract is used in these caramel-flavored kratom chews! Each bag of these yummy kratom goodies has five pieces. There is about 20mg of mitragynine in each caramel.


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  1. Good quality.

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  2. Good service.

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  3. Good quality.

    1 product
  4. Good service.

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  5. so happy I found a place that sells a consistent products, chews and tablets give a totally different feel than powder and caps; new order every week from your new pal Josh; thanks again, Brandon!

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  6. Ordered this with a big winter storm happening so they came frozen and I would suggest putting at least one of these in the freezer and trying it – let it sit under the tongue and just melt away. Then sit down and let yourself melt for awhile lol

  7. love this stuff!!! never been disappointed by stardust!

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