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Green JongKong Kratom

Green JongKong Kratom

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Green Jongkong kratom is characterized by its green-veined leaves and is known for its balanced properties. It is believed to offer a combination of the effects commonly associated with both green and red vein kratom strains.

This unique green strain is harvested deep in the Jongkong forest region of Indonesia from large mature trees. Some have reported the effects to be energizing yet relaxing with an increase in mood.



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Green Jongkong is a specific strain of kratom that originates from the Jongkong region in Indonesia. Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, and its leaves are known for their various effects when consumed. The leaves are harvested at peak maturity to ensure high alkaloid content, and hence, it’s a very highly potent strain. Most seasoned Kratom fans talk of a great experience when you ask them about this strain.


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