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Green Elephant Kratom
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Green Elephant Kratom

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Elephant Kratom gets its name from the large size of the harvested leaves. This kratom is said to help promote a feeling of well-being and contentment.


Elephant Kratom earns its name from the sizable leaves it boasts, and enthusiasts cherish it for its energizing effects coupled with a delightful burst of euphoria.

  1. Natural Energy Boost: Embrace a natural vitality surge with the consumption of the green elephant strain. Its inherent properties act as a genuine energy booster, promoting a revitalizing experience.
  2. Swift Mood Lifting: The green elephant strain wastes no time in uplifting your mood. Within a mere 20 minutes of consumption, you can begin to experience its mood-enhancing effects, contributing to a swift and positive mental shift.
  3. Enhanced Concentration and Focus: Harness improved concentration and focus as the size of the elephant kratom leaves brings forth a diverse array of alkaloids. This unique composition supports mental clarity, enhancing your ability to concentrate.


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Capsules: 100 (50g), Powder: 100g, Powder:250 g


  1. My journey with kratom is short, but I have learned so much in that short time. Green elephant doesn’t hype me up, it doesn’t make me sleepy, and I’ve found it is also great for focus. What it does the most, though, is helps with my nerve pain. Yes, it helps sore and overused muscles, but it’s the nerve pain relief that is worth everything for me. Between this (Green Elephant) and the Green Dragon strain, I now have most of my nerve pain under control (I’m still figuring out how to completely kill the sciatica – it’s horrendous). I cannot recommend this strain enough as it’s been a godsend for me.

  2. Very well worth the money.

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