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Green Bentuangie Kratom
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Green Bentuangie Kratom

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Green Bentuangie promotes mild stimulation and euphoric effects, then gradually followed by sedation with time. For some users, Green Bentuangie’s energetic onset gradually becomes more sedating with time. The effects are gentle. Therefore, the strain is comfortable for new users and subtle enough for those who have sensitive stomachs.



Complete the Feels!

Our Bentuangie Kratom comes from farms in Indonesia and other regions of Southeast Asia. These facilities employ kratom experts with the highest qualifications and experience. As a result of this, our Bentuangie kratom has an unmatched quality. Green Bentuangie kratom is a rare strain with great effects. The farmers fermented the strain shortly after harvest. Claiming to be one of the top strains in promoting pain relief and relaxation. The effects are gentle. Therefore, the strain is comfortable for new users and subtle enough for those who have sensitive stomachs.


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  1. Wow I’m impressed. I don’t do well with greens but am a red bent fan so I tried this. Very strong and just as the description says it starts out stimulating then gets sedating. Great pain relief too.

  2. Bent is always my go to for pain relief, this green is so lovely. And the colors are worldly <3 I love you stardust thank you!

  3. Very fast delivery.

    500 Grams Powder x1
  4. Amazing quality!

  5. My first review was the default comment and rating submitted by accident. Decent quality but not the strongest in my opinion. I received a free 12.5 oz sample of red Malay with my 100 g order. Wasn’t sold on the red though. There was a couple issues with coupon codes for first purchase of free shipping and 20% off, you pay shipping either way with the code. I contacted them about it and they immediately responded saying they would look into it. I gave them a shot and wasn’t disappointed and may purchase again soon. I may look into the extracts for the next order. Overall a legit company with great prices on anything you decide to purchase. Highly recommend stardust kratom

    • Hi Shall, Oh I am sorry about the coupon code! it should work with a minimum of 14.99$, free shipping should be included. My sincerest apologies, thank you for your review, I have emailed you a free shipping coupon for your next order, sorry and thank you again for your business : )

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