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Crystal Midnight(+ Ultra enhanced)

Crystal Midnight(+ Ultra enhanced)

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What’s included? 30g of crystal kratom powder! Experience one of our newest powder extract products! This black crystal-dominant kratom is a type of kratom that has undergone a specific drying process, resulting in a dark, crystal-like appearance. This process is thought to enhance the potency of kratom, making it more effective to promote pain relief, relaxation, and mood enhancement.

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Ultra Enhance this blend with additional MIT40!


Complete the Feels!

What’s included? 30g of crystal kratom powder! Crystal Midnight Kratom is a black and green dominant strain blended, with signature in-house Premium Grade green kratom powder and kratom extracts. We are certain this strain will become a fan favorite, due to its lasting effects.

The strain was blended to aid in the promotion and capacity for overall relief, focus, and energy, to get you to crush that final task.

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Weight 30 g


  1. Love this here, crystal goes great with the MIT. Love the additional option to add MIT. Thanks again for the samples!

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