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Introducing Stardust Black Diamond Kratom Extract. Have a look at some of the possible benefits of Black Emnbral Kratom Extract that have made this strain a quick customer favorite, a strain so beautiful it shines.


  • Calmness
  • Euphoria
  • Long-lasting
  • Relief
  • Bliss
  • Tranquil


Introducing Stardust Black Diamond Crystal Kratom Extract. The powder is 100% all-natural and geared toward our seasoned kratom users who like to take things up a notch. The strain promotes feelings of euphoria, mental clarity, and relief of pain. Many customers love the Black Diamond Crystal Kratom Extract because it has been shown to provide the perfect balance of relaxation and blissful motivation. Plus for an energy alternative, is said to be long-acting. Customers often find one attribute to be more dominant than the other between the different colored veined Kratom leaves but tend to agree that this is the perfect fusion. The potency and strength of the product are quickly becoming a fan favorite.


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20 Capsules (10 Grams), 40 Capsules (20 Grams), 60 Capsules (30 Grams), Powder (10 Grams), Powder (20 Grams), Powder (30 Grams)

100% Vegetarian

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  1. So I was searching the internet for the best kratom strains for euphoria and came across you guys. I absolutely LOVE your black crystal extract. Made me feel super happy and uplifted. Thank you SDK!!!

  2. The Black Crystal is by far my favorite extract. Dosing properly can satisfy all of your needs, I start off with 2gms in the morning and 6gms before bed, I was on pain meds after my care accident so I was unable to work so I developed an addiction to the pain meds from my surgery, they also gave me anti-depressants for 4 years, mast of my 20’s was a blur. It’s been 4 years since I stopped and it is safe to say kratom saved my life.

  3. Great product, fast shipping, very responsive, thanks guys!

  4. Absolutely the best kratom I have ever tried. (And I have tried many brands and strains.) This is amazing for pain and mood booster. Took 3g in the morning with some orange juice. It only took 15 minutes to kick in. All back pain, headache from low blood pressure, and sore muscle pain was gone! The extracts are amazing and well worth the price! This actually lasted so much longer than I expected! Almost all day relief and definitely a must have, for me at least. Stardust Kratom is now the only place I will buy Kratom from!

    PS. Customer service was amazing! I appreciate everything!!!

  5. This black diamond xtract is my favorite so far. Perfect balance of calmness and energy for me. Thanks again SDK

  6. favorite crystal for sure, approach with caution, very strong!

  7. I have tried all the extracts and this is my favourite. I must say they’re all really effective and good. The customer service at Stardust is exceptional.

  8. Like the black! It does an all around good job… pain relief, euphoria, mixes well. On my go to list for tough days.

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