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70X Nano Kratom Extract
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  • 70x-Nano-Crystal-Kratom-Resin-Extract

70X Nano Kratom Extract

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With a 7:1 ratio, our 70X is our most potent product we carry. Have a look at some of the possible effects of our strongest and most potent line to date.

Potential effects of Nano 70X Extract:

  • Very potent
  • Smooth texture
  • Long lasting
  • Highly effective
  • Aid with pain
  • Can promote calm and restlessness
  • Increased energy (depending on dosing)




Our kratom 70X Nano is amongst the most potent products we carry. Our extraction factor depends on the ratio between ground-up leaves with a 7:1 ratio; Our 70X can promote feelings of euphoria, mental clarity, and relief of pain. This line is geared toward our more seasoned kratom users.

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20 Capsules (10 Grams), 40 Capsules (20 Grams), 60 Capsules (30 Grams), Powder (10 Grams), Powder (20 Grams), Powder (30 Grams)


  1. This is really strong.. at least for me.. perfect for before bed. I need extract more during the day..

    • You should definitely try the white diamond or the green crystal! Let me know if you have any questions, thanks Tamera.

  2. Very fast delivery.

    60 Capsules (30 Grams) x1
  3. Very fast delivery.

    Powder (20 Grams) x1
  4. Very fast delivery.

    Powder (30 Grams) x1
  5. So happy I found you guys, thanks again! Won’t ever forget it.

    40 Capsules (20 Grams) x1
  6. Good quality.

    Powder (10 Grams) x1
  7. fast, easy, good people, and very professional. Got tracking the same day, appreciate it! Definitely will order again!

    40 Capsules (20 Grams) x1
  8. Very potent with great pain reliving properties! Will get great energy depending on the dosing of course like the description says!

  9. My go to products, I’ve been saving so much money since I found these guys, their product last a long time. Are used to those 4 to 5 times a day, now I’m down to three. Find the product to be long lasting, plus the service is great, these guys really do care about you.

    20 Capsules (10 Grams) x1
  10. love this stuff!!! never been disappointed by stardust!

    40 Capsules (20 Grams) x120 Capsules (10 Grams) x1Powder (10 Grams) x2

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