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Green Bali 50x Kratom Extract (💪 Enhanced Optional)
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Green Bali 50x Kratom Extract (💪 Enhanced Optional)

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Introducing Stardust Green Bali 50X Kratom, we blended our finest Green Bali powder with some of our Crystal Kratom to create this blissful extract to share with the world and to grow our Bali family.

  • Fast-acting
  • Motivation
  • Boost
  • Relaxation
  • Energy
  • Long-lasting

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Enhance this blend with additional MIT?


30gm of Stardust Green Bali 50X Kratom Powder Extract blend. We combined premium-grade Green Bali powder with some of our Crystal Kratom Extracts; to create this blissful blend to share with the world and to grow our Bali Kratom family.

Bali Kratom is incredibly potent and long-lasting. You can feel these effects at low doses; however, medium-high doses provide the most potent analgesic effects. The strain can be used regularly to manage a variety of conditions that cause pain and depression.


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100% Vegetarian

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  1. I am always looking for a natural alternative to caffeine when I need a jolt of energy. I rarely drink coffee and will have tea as-needed for an energy boost. This extract gave me just the boost i needed without the jitters of caffeine and sugar.

  2. Amazing! Feel the effects of a typical Bali strain just more intensified, lasted around 6 hours and did wonders for my back pain

  3. The product is firmly packed.

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  4. Good quality.

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  5. Good service.

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  6. The product is firmly packed.

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  7. same day tracking-quick reply-good product-amazing people will continue to order from these guys for sure.

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  8. Very fast delivery.

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  9. Very potent and lasted very long!

  10. I love the ability to enhance strains with additional MIT-AWESOME IDEA!!!!!
    You guys rock, thanks again!

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