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    70x kratom

    70X Kratom Extract

    Our kratom 70X is one of the most potent extracts we carry,  effects on the user that may even lead to elevated feelings of happiness and euphoria. Have a look at some of the potentially long-lasting effects of 70X Kratom below:
    • Potent
    • Highly effective
    • Long-Lasting
    • Aid with of pain
    • Promote rest
    • Clarity
    • Mood and positivity
    • Energy (depending on dosing)
  • 70x Nano Resin Extract

    70X Nano Kratom Extract

    With a 7:1 ratio, our 70X is our most potent product we carry. Have a look at some of the possible effects of our strongest and most potent line to date. Potential effects of Nano 70X Extract:
    • Very potent
    • Smooth texture
    • Long lasting
    • Highly effective
    • Aid with pain
    • Can promote calm and restlessness
    • Increased energy (depending on dosing)

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