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Kratom tincture is another option for someone looking for kratom in liquid form. A tincture is distinguished from a liquid extract by the creation process.

Kratom tincture is a liquid created by soaking the plant in a solvent (typically ethanol), after which the solid particles are removed. To understand kratom tincture, it helps to look at the recipes and uses for other herbal tinctures. As per a typical herbal tincture recipe, a person creating kratom tincture would take the leaves, chop them coarsely, and place them in an airtight container. Then, they would pour alcohol into the container. The amount of alcohol would depend on how fresh the kratom leaves are. If they’re fresh, the person could create a 1:1 solution, i.e. one ounce of kratom for every one ounce of alcohol. If the leaves are dried, this recipe calls for a 1:4 solution.

After adding the alcohol, the jar is sealed and allowed to sit for six or more weeks, which gives the alcohol time to absorb the active components in the kratom. Once enough time has elapsed, the solution is strained, and the remaining liquid can be placed in a tincture.

A person who prepares a kratom tincture would do so because of the relative ease of use and effectiveness.

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