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Stay up to date on the latest kratom news, sales and products! Stardust specializes in the distribution and production of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. We are known mostly for our Crystal Kratom Extracts and rare in-house blends. We are proud donators to the AKA and stand behind our Kratom Warriors in our efforts to keep kratom legal and support the KCPA provided by the AKA, as we continue to do our best to follow that these manufacturing protocols are met. Stardust abides by the simple concept that nature provides everything we need to feel comfortable in our own skin, think bright, and live happy. As more and more people turn away from synthetics and toward a natural route of everyday life.


  • Jul282021
    liquid gold kratom extract shot

    Things to  Know About Liquid Kratom Extract Shots

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    Things to  Know About Liquid Kratom Extract Shots     Liquid Kratom Extract is a combination of purified liquid extracted…

  • Jul122021
    liquid kratom

    Kratom Extract, Standardized?

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    What is Standardized Kratom Extract? Standardized kratom extracts have brought a lot of confusion to people. There are two types…

  • Apr032021
    green vein kratom

    My Kratom Dose is not working – How To Fix This Problem

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    The effects of Kratom vary depending on its strains. It depends on the body response of a person as well…

  • Mar292021
    White Dragon Kratom Powder

    Most Common Kratom Dose

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    Most Common Kratom Dose Amount Different strains of Kratom will naturally possess differing strengths, and this difference can be remarkable.…

  • Mar292021
    kratom capsules powder

    Kratom Powder, Capsules, or Extract

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    It can be seen in Thailand, and in old days the leaves of this tree are used as medicinal and…

  • Feb282021

    Kratom – The Secret Workout Weapon?

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    It is easy to feel ‘lazy’ or ‘unmotivated’ during the past year due to the pandemic. As a personal trainer…

  • Feb162021
    kratom and weight loss

    Kratom and Weight Loss

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    Kratom powder is a natural supplement that can suppress your appetite for you to get to a healthy weight. There are different strains of Kratom; these strains include White Vein Kratom, Maeng Da, Indo, Borneo, Bali, and Thai. The Thai strain is the one that has been made most popular as an appetite suppressant. Apart from being a natural appetite suppressant, Kratom can also give you a burst of energy. To promote weight loss, you can take anywhere from 2g to 5g a day.

  • Jan132021
    kratom and depression

    Kratom and Depression

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    I was trainer and former all state gymnast, and one day it was all taken away from me. I became dependent on pharmaceuticals and knew I was digging myself deeper and deeper, in denial of my dependence on drugs given to me by essentially drug dealers in lab coats. It was until I found kratom, everything changed.

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