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Stay up to date on the latest kratom news, sales and products! Stardust specializes in the distribution and production of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. We are known mostly for our Crystal Kratom Extracts and rare in-house blends. We are proud donators to the AKA and stand behind our Kratom Warriors in our efforts to keep kratom legal and support the KCPA provided by the AKA, as we continue to do our best to follow that these manufacturing protocols are met. Stardust abides by the simple concept that nature provides everything we need to feel comfortable in our own skin, think bright, and live happy. As more and more people turn away from synthetics and toward a natural route of everyday life.


  • Oct052022
    black and white crystal kratom

    What You Need To Know About Kratom Extracts?

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    Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a plant that natively grows in different parts of Southeast Asia, Thailand, Indonesia,…

  • Oct022022
    Cinnamon Crunch smoothie with Kratom

    Kratom Morning Smootie

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    When it comes to taking Kratom in the morning, the thought of drinking a cup of coffee and a smoothie might…

  • Aug042022
    How to intensify the effects of kratom

    What Is Kratom Rotation?

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    Kratom has been used for its therapeutic benefits for centuries. Different strains of kratom have varying effects on the mind…

  • Jul262022

    Finding Your Kratom Routine

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    As you become more used to the plant, your body becomes less sensitive to it, which means you won’t have…

  • Jul222022

    How to Make Kratom Tea

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    Kratom Tea Recipe While kratom powder is a great product to support your health, its taste is an acquired taste…

  • Jul222022

    How to Enhance the Effects of Kratom

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    Do you want to experience the full extent of the effects of kratom? There are many ways to sit back…

  • Jul052022
    Rainbow Crystal Kratom Extract

    How to Buy Rainbow Crystal Kratom Extract?

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    Those who Buy Rainbow Crystal Kratom Extract and have cared to check the quantities of each content know that it…

  • May302022

    How to Store Kratom Powder Properly?

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    Matrigynine Speciosa is one of nature’s many gifts to mankind. The leaves of the tree are ground into powder and…

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