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Kratom 101 - Green Dragon Kratom

Kratom 101 – Green Dragon Kratom
September 27, 2021 Brandon Wolfson

Green Dragon Kratom 101


Green Dragon Kratom is a strain from the Dragon family. Because of its high concentration of Mitragynine and Mitraphylline Alkaloids, users interpret it as novel version of Green Malay or Maeng Da. I strongly recommend this strain if you’re a fan of Maeng Da strains.

Green Dragon Kratom


Dragon Kratom’s Origin

 Moreover, iis endemic to Southeast Asia and has been used therapeutically by locals. Dragons are symbols of power and potency in Asia, therefore Green Dragon received its name from these characteristics; its efficacy boosts your energy. and potency.

Green Dragon Kratom Advantages

Mitragyna Speciosa is the most beneficial substance in all kratom varieties, but it is more potent in Green DragonIts many advantages are listed below. 

Red Dragon KratomCheck Out this Red


Reduces Anxiety

Green Dragon is the most effective natural treatment for anxiety and anyone seeking natural way to reduce stress, worry, or sadness might explore Green Dragon Vein.

Mood-lifting Potential:

When you are in a bad mental state impacts your attitude and ability to perform, which is why Green Dragon is recommended because it lifts people’s spirits, energizes them, and raises their confidence. 
Maeng Da Kratom

Dosages for Green Dragon Kratom

 Small – 1-3g

The recommended dosage for people who want to feel invigorated and uplifted is 1-3. The effects usually last 3-6 hours.
Because their bodies haven’t adjusted to the medication’s full effect, new users should start with gram.

Medium – 4-6g

If you’re looking to relieve pain and muscle cramps, then take the medium dosage

Excessive – 7-10g

In conclusion, if you’ve used  Green Dragon before and are familiar with its effects, you should only use this dosage if you are an experienced user. It helps those with high levels of anxiety and stress relax and quiet down.

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It is critical that the Green Dragon be purchased from a reputable provider. Stardust Kratom is by far our favorite vendor for the Dragon Strains. Aside from the incredibly strong Green Dragon, Maeng Da and, Malay, Stardust offers discounts and Cash Back Rewards.

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