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Buying Pure Kratom? Discover How to use Kratom Powder

Buying Pure Kratom? Discover How to use Kratom Powder
August 24, 2021 Brandon Wolfson

Buying Pure Kratom? Discover How to Ingest thePowder

Super Green Kratom Powder

There are several methods for ingesting dense powderYou can either buy kratom powder from an online store or make it at home with crushed dried leaves. 
The powder can be mixed with certain foods or added to liquids. Because of its alkaloid content, it has a bitter taste. By masking the taste with apple juice or another fruit juice, users are more likely to consume it.

What do I do about the Awful Taste?

Make a tea by combining the necessary amount of powder with a pot of water. Cook for 15 minutes on low heat. This liquid should be strained and consumed while it is still hot. Many people are turned off by the tea’s strong, bitter flavor. To mask the taste of the tea, add milk, honey, or sugar. Pour the strained liquid into a cup of black tea and enjoy. You can save time by making a large batch of tea and storing it in the refrigerator. In my opinion, Crystal Extract has a better taste and is easier to take down.
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Mitragyna Shake, Anyone?

Instead of crushed leaves or stems, make tea with powder. You get better extractions while saving time on the process. Use other methods to mask the bitter taste of kratom and make it easier to consume. To make a shake, combine the powder with chocolate milk and blend it. Drink it quickly before the kratom powder settles to the bottom.
You can ingest the powder and then rinse it away with water or fruit juice. A quick imbibing method, but if done incorrectly, you may end up inhaling the powder.

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