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Kratom Saved My Life

Here is how

September 30, 2020 drew wolfson

What is the difference between each Color Strain? From some who has struggled with addiction, I found relief in Kratom. I used it to get off of other things, it saved my life.Before I knew much about kratom I started with powder, Green Kratom, Maeng Da to be specific. It had a more balanced effect on mood and energy. Red was great at night. Kratom wasn’t just the answer, it was taking the right herbs with kratom to enhance it and regain normalcy to my neuro circuits. Vitamin-C, Turmeric and Mushroom extracts will enhance the alkaloids and feed your body as much nutrients as possible.  It wasn’t until I was a seasoned Kratom user I dove into Extracts. If I had known sooner I would’ve dove in quicker. In shiver and shakes desperate for relief, in kratom I found it. 

Green – Green kratom strains are known for their blend of mostly high energy with slight relaxation sedative effects.

White – White kratom is mostly used as a daytime strain, which gives the user energy. “White when its light.” Most compare to a cup of coffee.

Red – Red kratom strains are the most sedative strains. “Red before bed.” is the saying.

Yellow – Like green strains, yellow has a blend of sedative relaxation effects along with slight euphoric energy but favors more of a closer effect to a red and more mild transquil.

Gold – Gold strains have the same hybrid properties as the yellow but lean more on the white side as opposed to the red. I always dose my kratom at least 6 hours apart. My next dose is always larger than my previous dose. I used red before bed. After day 4, restless leg started to fade and was back to my normal self. I do this to this day because I know where I never wanna be again. Since kratom, my old life is behind me, and I have never felt better.  


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